The Team

The Team

Izidor Kržišnik

CHEF de couisine

Izidor, our head chef, is a kind soul with wonderful ideas that challenge the rules of culinary conduct. His flawlessly executed dishes, based on fundamental tastes of locally grown produce, always leave us speechless. He loves re-creating the classic dishes – due to popular demand he became Landeriks’ very own master of grandpa’s torn pancakes.


Amir Krcić


Amir, our always curious restaurant manager, has poked around kitchens and restaurants from a very young age. Coming from a restaurateur family, he’s always loved good food and that’s what finally brought him here. Due to its honest distinctness, he fell in love with Landerik at first sight. If you ask him about his favourite chef he won’t think twice before he says: “Izidor Kržišnik!”.