Our story

Our Story

What is our philosophy

Landerik is enchanted by our homeland’s powerfully fertile soil. We are devoted to searching for new treasures, constantly on the lookout for local producers and their stories, set in Slovenia’s beautiful countryside. Our culinary team transforms local produce into dishes that are served with love and respect for the country we live in.

You can choose the dishes to your liking, but if you would rather delight in our head chef Izidor Križišnik’s creativity, embark on a pleasant culinary journey through the picturesque Slovenian countryside.

Multi course menus

From 12:OO to 16:OO you can enjoy:
a 3-course menu ………. 27€

Enjoy at any given time:
a 5-course menu ………. 65€
a 7-course menu ………. 80€
a 9-course menu ………. 95€