Our story

Our Story

What is our philosophy

Landerik is earnestly committed to its motherland and holds the fruits
it offers in the highest esteem. We are committed to searching the
culinary gems, hidden throughout the picturesque Slovenian land, and
discovering the stories of diligent hands that provide us with
excellent local delicacies, which we gratefully incorporate in our

Our experienced culinary team uses the prime selection of mostly local
ingredients to create a subtle blend of traditional and modern that
delights the young and the old. From the cosiness of the Ljubljana’s
city centre, you will embark on the picturesque journey over
Slovenia’s highest peaks, rolling hills, flowering meadows, all the
way to the seaside, accompanied by our bow-wearing personnel that will
guide you through the fabulously colourful ideas of our main chef,
Izidor Kržišnik. Rest assured they would spice up your journey with a
clever anecdote and a glass of delicious Slovenian wine or spirit of
your choosing.

Be our guest and help us pay tribute to the marvellous Slovenian
produce and craft.

Multi course menus

From 12:OO to 16:OO you can enjoy:
a 3-course menu ………. 19€

Enjoy at any given time:
a 4-course menu ………. 44€
a 5-course menu ………. 5O€
a 7-course menu ………. 70€
a 9-course menu ………. 85€